Pre-planned Modules for Students, Teachers and Parents

  • Self Initiative and Entrepreneurship

    Knows how to rationally handle money, knows how to handle new situations, has creativity, planning, has ideas, and has the courage to act.

  • Communication

    Ability of verbal communication, reading, writing; understanding of what they heard, read; communication in an understandable way (all situations from everyday life, for example in the store, the bank etc.)

  • Digital Literacy

    The use of mobile applications for managing the usage of money; searching for information.

  • Scheme of Work

    Each unit of work comprises different topics with the Student's Learning Outcome (SLO) along with suggested learning activities linked with each specific SLO. Skills are catered with a logical progression from low to high levels of skills.

  • Interactive

    Primarily designed for online and in-person workshop use, the curriculum offers numerous opportunities to generate fruitful conversation, group brainstorming, and prompts for sharing personal experiences.

What our Parents Have to Say...

Happy Parent


I'm teaching my 8 years old daughter #financialliteracy using @sense2scents Financial Literacy flash cards and having fun while doing it. "Thats not in my budget" all 2021... Saving, Investing and creating a budget from her weekly

Happy Parent

INSTAGRAM @Traceyyork

Her God dad gave her some money, first thing baby said was "mama I need to go make a deposit" #Ilovehertrainofthought. #thank you...... Tracey York

Happy Parent


1st deposit made. Thank you so much for making money fun. He's going to drive me crazy with this little card. I'm about to set him up a CashApp and all...

The Rationale for Learning Financial Literacy

  • Daily actions impact financial circumstances.

  • Limited English and cultural differences can pose barriers to financial success.

  • Financial stress affects health and work performance.

  • Financial literacy has a material impact on families as they try to balance their budget, buy a home, fund their children's education, or ensure an income for retirement.

For the whole family

It’s time to change your family’s financial future. Your child will learn why they should have a budget, how much they can spend, and what happens if they overspend. This class is designed to be fun and interactive for the whole family.

Suitable for Teacher and Parents

We aim to motivate each child through our creative and integrated curriculum so that they leave us with confidence and ambition, as well as a variety of personal attributes and values, capable of making the most of what the world and their future education have to offer.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2


    • Lesson 1: Needs and Wants

    • Lesson 2: Goal Setting

    • Goals Worksheet

    • Lesson 3: Income

    • Interview your Family

    • Lesson 4: Expenses(Spending)

    • Spending Worksheet

    • Budgeting Worksheets

    • Lesson 5 :Budgeting

    • Bonus: Financial Goals

  • 3


    • Lesson 1: Types of Bank Accounts

    • FAQ Worksheet

    • Lesson 2: Details on a Bank Check

    • Write a Check

    • Lesson 3: Comparing Different Types of Accounts

    • Comparing Different Types of Accounts

    • Types of Accounts Printable

    • Lesson 4:Digital Accounts

  • 4

    Savings, Interest and Investing

    • Lesson 1: Savings

    • Savings Worksheets

    • Lesson 2: Compound Interest

    • Compound Interest Worksheet

    • Stock Market Investing Worksheet

    • Banking Articles for Adults

    • Stock Market Investing

    • Untitled quiz

  • 5


    • Lesson 1:Credit

    • Lesson 1 : Credit

    • Lesson 2: Types of Loans

    • You are the Lender Worksheet

Meet your Instructor

Ashley Clark

I’m Ashley Clark, founder of Sense 2 Cents. I coach families on how to change their beliefs about money and break the generational financial habits for children and generations that will follow. Parents count on my practical resources, kid-friendly tools and easy-to-follow guidance to deposit financial freedom into their children's futures. I am excited to bring this course to a virtual setting so more conversations in households will be started and we take control of our financial future.


Are you ready to create a solid financial destiny and also inspire many? Are you willing to understand the fundamentals of financial literacy? If you answer yes, sense 2 cents has beautifully designed materials to make financial literacy a priority and fun across homes across America.
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Got Any Questions?

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  • How long will I have access?

    The course will be accessible to you for a duration of six months.

  • What age is the virtual course for?

    This course is for your entire family. The course is designed for children or anyone who wants to learn about financial literacy in a simple and enjoyable way.